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Dr. Ali Ghahary's Guide to Living a Healthy Life

Less Carbs, More Exercise

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Vancouver Physician Dr. Ali Ghahary Shares Information on How to Improve Your Diet

If you've been thinking about changing your diet, it's never too late to start! Dr. Ali Ghahary, a physician at Brentwood Medical Clinic in Burnaby, British Columbia, gives patients as much information as possible in effort to guide them towards making healthier lifestyle choices - including diet and fitness.

By incorporating regular physical activity into your every day routine, you not only prevent weight gain, but you're also decreasing the risk of heart disease, lessening the risk of osteoporosis, and even improving your mood as well as giving yourself an extra boost of energy. Exercise has many benefits that your body will thank you for in the long-run.

As for your diet, it's easy to fall into unhealthy eating habits. When it comes to obesity, carbohydrates and over-processed foods are the biggest culprits that Canadians are faced with. Rather than eating that burger and those greasy french fries, make substitutions. For example, yam fries are a good alternative, and they can easily be made at home. You should also make sure you're getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet, as their antioxidants play a huge role in your overall health and can significantly lower the risk of certain diseases as well as boost your immune system.

Choosing to make healthier lifestyle chooses isn't always easy in the beginning, but with a little bit of motivation and guidance from your healthcare professional, you'll be on the right track.

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